The Loneliest deer

Freelance artist (ID/EN)


Shika_ichi a.k.a The loneliest deer
You can call me as Shikai too ^^
A manga style artist who got influenced by great artist such as Tsunako, Hideo Minaba, and Yuji Himukai and trying to adapt style from them.

Place to communicate
Discord : shika#4494
Email : [email protected]

INFORMATIONPayment via PayPal (International)
I still havent try other service, if you've recommendation I might interested ^^
By commissioning you agree to my Terms Of Service.I can turn down any commission, request or offer for any reason if it doesnt within my term of serviceName your price :Open(You can request me a drawing within your budget, but I still the one decide to take it or not. so convince me ;3)Ex : My price for fullbody was $60 but you just have $45, but you still want to, and there a chance I'll take it if I interested ;3Fanart and frequent client have higher chance so dont be shy and just DM me ^^You can check more of my commission detail and gallery on Link Below~ ;3

GUIDEDM to my discord or my other account like twitter and send your commission detail.
If you have any pose or anything you want, just give me a reference image it will help a lot.
even a sketchy sketch of stickman that fine XD
Choose the style you want below for the character illustration!

Commission statusOpenOpen slot
Nazkull (Done)
Slot Open

I'm open my commission on this website too with more cheaper price that might interest you X3

Term of ServiceIf There something you want not on the list,
you can actually just ask me first maybe I can do it ;3
Things i do :Semi NSFW (ecchi)
Fanart (fanart/crossover/etc)
boys and girl ok
well actually it all what you want!Things I don' t :Mecha (still cant draw these cool part)
NSFW 18+ (H etc) :<
Hyper Muscle (still cant draw these bulky bulky muscle..)
mainly on sketch specially for the pose and base line,
Maximum 3 revision.
If there revision after fix lineart like you want to change the pose suddenly, there will be another charge.
After fix line you can still adjust or add something slight change and on coloring part.
------------------------------------------Notes and Rules :Canvas Size up to A4 300 dpi (for commercial use can be more)
I can change the canvas size if it is necessary.
I'll upload commission art on my other facebook, twitter, artstation etc with lower size version, watermark and of course I'll credit you.
(so if you dont want it to be uploaded (sensitive drawing) let me know ^^)
I dont work on weekend or I'll be really slow if I work on it, because I want to draw for my self too ;3
but you still can DM me for the commission.
Please don't claim my work as yours or use it for the wrong purposes, but you can share it everywhere as long as you give me credit and leave the source!Thank you!